Back To School: Backpack Round Up

Back To School: Backpack Round Up

Well it's happened, Hannah want's to follow in her Mama (Bear's) footsteps and share about her favorite things! Since we currently do not have the time for a YouTube channel, I recently (and reluctantly) created her an Instagram account @sunshinesisterbear , which I manage of course, because who really wants to see a million selfies of an eight-year-old trying to do duck lips? (No one!) And let's face it, kids are getting phones earlier these days and already searching the web! Seriously, when Hannah got braces, she looked up videos of other kids getting braces and how to care for them so she would know what to expect! I mean, that's pretty smart right? Though Hannah does not have a phone, her page is something we can do together and a safe place for other children to follow along. And honestly to my surprise she's had some really great ideas for content! She started "Sister Bear Shares" where she can share and tell all about what she's into these days, our favorite products, and a little about everyday life! Check out her very first "Share" about our favorite summer time hair care routine on her Instagram Highlights HERE

She also had a great idea to post about some of her favorite things for back to school! So without further ado, I present to you Hannah's first blog post of her and her brother's top backpack picks to help your kiddo Slay The First Day Of School! 

Now it wont take you very long to see realize she's all about all things mermaid-y! So there are 2 mermaid prints on her list, but we thought it would be good to show 2 different price points, especially if mama's are buying backpacks for multiple kiddos!

1) Amazon Mermaid Scale Backpack  $24.99

2) Amazon Cactus Print Backpack $28.99 

3) Claire's Unicorn Fun Fair Patches Backpack $29.99

4) Walmart Tie-Dye Follow Your Dreams Backpack $9.88

5) JanSport from Kohl's Tropical Leaf Backpack $35.99

6) Justice Mermaid Sequin Initial Backpack $39.90

1) GapKids StarWars Backpack $31.00

2) GapKids Camo Backpack $29.00

3) Ju-Ju-Be x Tokidoki Sushi Cars Backpack $80.00

4) Lands'End Shark Backpack $39.95

5) JanSport from Kohl's California Backpack $35.99

6) Old Navy Super Mario Backpack $30.00

Hannah was gifted this beautiful Ju-Ju-Be x Sanrio "Sanrio Sweets" backpack and I especially love it not only for all the Hello Kitty nostalgia goodness -  but it's super sturdy with metal hardware and order proof liner PLUS it's machine washable! 

 Eli's top pick was anything Pokemon! We found this one on Amazon!  I especially love this one because it isn't the bulky plastic character kind and this print is modern and anything but cheesy!  



Also featuring gifted jeans from Abercrombie Kids

PSSST: And for a limited time, all Abercromie Kids jeans are 50% off! Check out all the styles here!  


  • We just bought a Justice backpack and found coupon codes online. Only paid $9.90 for it! Thought I would share for anyone looking at their bags.


  • OMG love these, all of these backpacks are so adorable. I wish we had the gap one!

    susie liberatore

  • This is so cute! My daughter 8 loves following Hannah! She is also very Mermaid-y and Unicorn-y 💜 She LOVES justice! Will deff have to check out Abercrombiekids! Great first blog Sister Bear!

    -Much Love from TN


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