"Me Time"

"Me Time"

When you're a wife, mom, & you own your own business.... ME time is a must. You would think working from home would make this easier, but it doesn't! Its hard to seperate "work time" from actual "life"! I let the "me time" slip away this winter & got completely overwhelmed. So? I got back up on the relax, (not-just-work) horse and I haven't got off! I have fallen into some great pampering rituals and they are really doing the body & mind good! 
Here are a few of my favorites, that make at home relaxation that much better! 
A hot bath does this Mama Bear good! How about a bath when the house is quiet?! Trust me, it does this mind even better! I sometimes take baths in the middle of the day when the kids are off at school. Kinda like a lunch break! I love Osea's Undaria Detox soak & Osea's Salts of the Earth Body Scrub to really get that spa feeling. Of course Vanity Planet's spin brush works wonders on my face too...love that deep clean feeling afterwards! One secret I also have to share... my favorite perfume! Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs is so light, I even spray a little in my bathroom when I'm getting ready - it is not an overbearing perfume, and perfect for every day. 
For those days that are extra hard? I swear by Peppermint Oil, just a tad on the temples and you can say goodbye to those tension headaches! Its like a Mama Bear "Time Out"!
My Mama Bear Grey Fleece hoodie is up there with the Cozy Day fleece of ours, it is SO soft. Once I'm out of the bath, I slide into that and perfection! The coziness just goes on and on! 

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