Dress Up Really Never Ends

Dress Up Really Never Ends

It's no secret that we LOVE dressing up our tees, hoodies & tanks - it really has become quite a hobby for us. Wasn't it Kate Spade that said "Playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends"? She couldn't be more right!
So, where do we find all our accessories? Well.... another secret I'm sure you have caught onto by now...we love small business. After all, that is what we are! To pair our tees with a necklace that is handmade, unique + beautiful makes our passion & soul shine. Granted every now and then we can't resist those Target shelves but hey, we are only human. 
A few of our everyday accessory must haves? In the handmade aspect... we LOVE Shop WrennNickel & Suede + Daisy Faye Designs. In the small shop aspect? We can't get enough Love Obsessed, JuJuBe and Nene shoes!
If any of these products catch your eye, shop today for an exclusive discount... just enter the codes below at checkout! And don't forget to enter 3years at checkout in our shop to save 30%!
Love Obsessed LOVE3 for 20% off 
Nickel & Suede: LBHAE15 for 15% off
ShopWrenn: LBHAE for 12% off
Nene Shoes: LBHAE for $15 off 
Daisy Faye Designs: LOVEDBYHAE for 15% off

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